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ONE Government: Common Operating Environment and IT Infrastructure

One Government is a state where the entire government appears and operates as ONE, enabled by front, middle and back office integration. The services are designed and delivered on a pan-government basis powered by e-intermediation of government departments and entities. One government amplifies the need and effectiveness of connected government.

Common Operating Environment is the approach to adopt common and shared data and applications across the entire State government, facilitating the need to take benefit of the economies-of-scale and standardization. The common operating environment is the cornerstone of data sharing from authoritative data sources including protocols for such exchanges. This results in faster decision making, efficient procurement and quicker implementation.

Common IT Infrastructure leads to harmonization of standards in the government pertaining to technology infrastructure, thereby operationalizing integration. A common infrastructure establishes a platform for applications to deployed and operated on a Whole-of-Government basis. This accentuates the effective the applications and systems digitizing government services.

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  Seven Missions of Sunrise Andhra Pradesh:

Government of Andhra Pradesh intends to develop the new State rapidly over the next 10 years adopting a Mission Approach. Seven missions have been launched to be implemented under the guidance of Honourable Chief Minister to achieve the Sunrise Andhra Pradesh Vision. The seven missions ensure bottom-up planning and lay special emphasis on the backward areas of the state to achieve equitable growth and development. The missions act as catalysts for attaining optimum levels of performance in identified sectors with increased resource use efficiency.

  Citizen Centric Government:

The systems of governance have to be designed to align to the needs of the citizens.e-Pragatiaims to enable the government to be more citizen centric by incorporating the whole-of-government approach, and elements like being transformational, innovative, inclusive, participative, collaborative, integrated, personalized, and multi-channelled.

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