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The Government of Andhra Pradesh has always been at the forefront ofleveraging information technology to provide services in an efficient and optimal manner through its various e-governance initiatives and programmes. Citizens and businesses, forming the core of a harmonious society, are at the core of our planning and delivery of such services. e-Pragati is the beginning of our journey to the next generation AP. As a major stepin realising Digital Andhra Pradesh, the launch of e-Pragati signals our commitment and pioneering spirit.I fully appreciate the potential of a state-wide Enterprise Architecture programme like e-Pragati in realizing citizen-centric governance. My government has recently approved e-Pragati programme with a budget of Rs 2398 Crores(USD 363 million). Adoption of e-Pragati will be a milestone for the government as it will make Andhra Pradesh the first state in the country to have its own state wide Enterprise Architecture thus firmlyestablishing its position as the leading state of India and transform it into a Knowledge society.

As the master plan of Enterprise Architecture, e-Pragati aims to bring about a paradigm shift in the way government departments function and interact with the citizens. It focuses on achieving a unified and connected government with citizen-centricity at its core. Implementation of e-Pragati will lead to a free flow of information among departments,paving the way for an integrated, outcome-driven and accountable government. Furthermore, as a platform it will encourage citizen participation in the government processes making it more inclusive, usher in an era of good governance and set the path for realization of Sunrise Andhra PradeshVision 2022.

I am sure that e-Pragati initiative will boost investments into Andhra Pradesh, create ample job opportunities and also build the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. I appeal to the Industry and the entrepreneurs in India and abroad to examine the plan minutely, take advantage of the limitless opportunities unfolded by e-Pragati and participate actively in its successful implementation

It is heartening to see the leadership provided by the ITE&C department in putting together this master plan. I compliment the department for this unique initiative. I assure my fullest commitment to the success of this pioneering endeavour.


IT Minister Message

Information & Public Relations,
Information Technology & Communications,
Non-resident Indian Empowerment & Relations,
Telugu Language & Culture,
Minority Welfare & Empowerment


With the aim of putting Andhra Pradesh on the world map and as the foremost Indian state using cutting edge technologies as a means to interact with and deliver services to citizens, the state announces the launch of e-Pragati, a mission-driven initiative that galvanises the pan-government ecosystem to propel our vision for a Digital Andhra Pradesh. Implementation of e-Pragati would be a decisive step towards achieving the goal of “Sunrise Andhra Pradesh”. As pioneers, we bear an immense responsibility both for AP and India.

Furthering our unwavering support for good governance to the citizens and businesses, the state firmly believes that
e-Pragati initiative provides the means for fulfilling it. Many departments use information technology to deliver their services to citizens but there is a significant scope for improvement in the delivery mechanism and the quality of services themselves by embracing a Whole-of-Government perspective. Moreover, e-governance can be leveraged to elevate the quality of life for all, a testimony to our commitment to the progress of AP. e-Pragati is an attempt to translate the true definition of e-Governance into a reality.

I congratulate the ITE&C Department for this endeavour and our government shall extend all requisite support for the implementation of e-Pragati across all the departments in the State. We are proud to be part of this historic journey.

I am sure this master plan of e-Pragati will open new vistas of collaboration among Government, Industry, and the Society, and will propel the State into a pre-eminent position in the development and welfare landscape of the nation.


IT Advisor Message

e-Governance, Electronics & IT


We have been at the forefront of embracing information technology to build a better government. Currently, we have an opportunity to shred the legacy and leapfrog into the future. e-Pragati, our flagship e-program that will steer our e-governance journey in the future takes a holistic, systemic and enterprise-based approach to conceive and deliver government services to citizens, businesses, employees and other government entities in an integrated, efficient and equitable manner.

e-Pragati, the state wide enterprise architecture to ensure seamless flow of information across departments and provide integrated services to the citizens. Adoption of e-Pragati is the country's first state wide enterprise architecture initiative. With its ability to manage complexity, e-Pragati will emerge as the essential means to drive public sector transformation and realise connected government with demonstrable benefits. Elevating the effectiveness and quality of government services is not merely a matter of deploying leading edge technologies, but also of visionary leadership, strategic wisdom, foresight, clear direction, and sound execution mechanisms. Connected governments have deeper engagement, encourage participation and collaboration, and exhibit greater openness and transparency. As a result, they can deliver services that are more personalised and choice-based, being anchored in the Whole-of-Government (WOG) paradigm.

To ensure relevance and pragmatism, e-Pragati aligns government services with the priorities of the 7 Missions of Sunrise Andhra Pradesh. Such services are analysed for information, automation/digitisation and infrastructure requirements. Different viewpoints are linked to ensure a 360-degree view of the needs of citizens and businesses. Service design is citizen-centred rather than department-centred. All the services are anchored around key stakeholders like the citizen, the farmer, the student, the land owner, the senior citizen, the beneficiary. Service delivery is supported by deep collaboration between departments in terms of information flow, application interaction and common applications and infrastructure. Services are evaluated for actual outcomes, rather than outputs. The WOG perspective is strengthened by the use of innovative and next generation technologies like SMAC, SDN and Tier-4 Data Centre.

e-Pragati symbolises progress, characterised by better quality of life for all by unleashing the transformational power of technology. I am confident the benefits of e-Pragati will be visible through the entire state in the time to come. I take this opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of the ITE&C department and M/s Wipro team engaged in the development and delivery of e-Pragati.


Special Secretary Message

Information Technology,
Information Technology & Communications,
Electronics & Communications Department


Government of Andhra Pradesh has initiated the implementation of e-Pragati, the state wide enterprise architecture to ensure seamless flow of information across departments and provide integrated services to the citizens. Adoption of e-Pragati places the state in a unique position as Andhra Pradesh will be the first state to implement a programme of this magnitude and complexity. Projects and initiatives will be aligned to the seven missions of the state, namely Primary, Social Empowerment, Knowledge & Skills, Urban Development, Infrastructure Development, Industry and Services to accentuate the impact of e-Pragati on citizens and businesses.

The ITE&C department has a strong track-record of successfully executing path breaking e-governance projects and has pioneered popular projects such as CARD, eSeva, AP Online, e-Procurement and Mee Kosam. e-Pragati takes us to the next level, and demands exceptional levels of coordination and programme management capability. I am sure that the administrative setup will rise to the occasion in making Andhra Pradesh future-ready, supporting the larger goals of Digital India.

e-Pragati aims to guide and accelerate AP’s journey to Government 2.0 and enable Andhra Pradesh in transition from departmental stovepipes to citizen-centred ONE Government. This necessitates collaborative working and information sharing among departments, forming a digital network organised around citizen services and their outcomes. Transforming government through IT is a multidisciplinary endeavour, involving strategic planning, process reform, project management, resource management and systems development.

e-Pragati is a journey, not a project. In summary, about 80 new projects have been identified. These will be implemented in a phased manner adopting multiple procurement models such as State-funded, PPP and collaborative models. This document provides a wide array of opportunities to the IT Industry. I have no doubt that the industry and entrepreneurs in India and abroad, will appreciate this unprecedented opportunities unfolded by e-Pragati, and join the ongoing efforts of the government in creating a truly Digital AP.


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