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Transformation Overview:

e-Pragati is a journey, not a project.

It is crafted to evolve over time and maintain required flexibility to adjust to changing requirements, strategy shifts, and innovations in technology. Enterprise Architecture facilitates business and IT communication by providing common language, processes, and structures. Transforming Government is a multidisciplinary endeavour, involving strategic planning, process reform, business planning, project management, resource management and systems development.

Implementing transformational changes in a “big-bang” approach is not recommended because of various constraints such as budget, resources, planning, and dependencies. Instead, a phase-wise, project-based approach is recommended. e-Pragati involves executing a series of e-Governance projects. These projects are classified as below:

1. Quick Win Projects – Projects capable of rapid implementation, early visible results and demonstrable impact.
2. Core and Foundational (Standalone) Projects – Standalone systems that facilitate the implementation and operationalization (as pre and co-requisites) to all other systems in the e-Pragati portfolio by providing the underlying capabilities.
3. Application Packages – Projects grouped based on similarities in functionalities and technology, to be designed, developed and implemented together, to derive benefits of integration, non-duplication and optimization of cost and effort, and citizen-centricity.

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